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What is Instagram photo downloader?

It is a free and easy to use online downloader through which you can download Instagram photos with just one click. It is most simple and convenient tool and a quickest way to download stunning and beautiful photos from Instagram. You can easily download and store Instagram photos to watch them later or share with your friends and family.

Why Instagram photo downloader was created?

This downloader was made to fulfill the needs of people who want to download Instagram photos. It was requested by countless users from one of the most popular social network – Instagram. We have done some research and then we made this perfect and magical tool to solve the downloading problems of users. Instagram is considered as most popular social media app, and it is evident from the millions of active users. The influencers primarily use it to stay in touch with their fans. Thousands of creative and entertaining photos, memes, and inspirational pictures are shared on Instagram on daily basis. The photos also get astonishing amount of likes and comments. The photos are posted in the feeds of the user and they can also be uploaded as stories and highlights. You can download photos from every section of Instagram, i.e., from feed, stories, and highlights. It is important to save some of the photos because they can be lost in the sea of Instagram content. Therefore, you can use this Instagram photo downloader to download Instagram photo.

No need to install any software to download Instagram photos

You can use our online Instagram photo downloader to download, save, and then share amazing, stunning, funny and informative photos with your friends and family. It is indeed a very powerful tool to help you download Instagram photos which are shared on user’s feed and in stories. There is no need to download any software or browser extension, all you have to do is just visit our website and paste the link of the photo in the specified area and after few second you will get your download link. You need to open the Instagram and go to the photo that was shared on feed or in story, then click on three dots button. A menu will open and from there you can easily copy the link which will be used for download that particular photo. There is no restriction on downloading the photos, it means you can download as many Instagram photos as you want. You can use Instagram photos to share with your social contacts and as an entertainment source, you can find photos according to your preference because the photos you see on the Instagram are recommended to you based on your previous engagement with posts on Instagram. Like, if you have disliked a photo or did not comment on it, then the chances of similar photos appearing again are very low. Contrarily, if you have liked the photo, and commented on it, then similar photos will start to show up. People are using the explore section of Instagram to find new content and they also browse the stories to find the content that they like. You can also check the explore section of Instagram and find thousands of photos that are entertaining, fun, and informative. And when you like an informative photo or any other photo, you just need to copy the link and paste it in our Instagram photo downloader, after that you will get the download link. You will get your photo in the same quality as you watched on Instagram, you will not observe any reduction in photo quality after downloading it.

Download Instagram photos in original quality

Do you want to download Instagram photos in original quality? Instagram photo downloader is here to help you. You can easily download high-resolution photos for free. Our downloader will not deteriorate the photo quality and you will get original photo in high-resolution.

Our Instagram photo downloader is Ad-free

Our ad-free Instagram photo downloader does not contain annoying pop up ads or survey questions. You can download your favorite Instagram photo without wasting your precious time on watching ads. Most of the downloaders available on the internet usually contain a lot of ads, but we value our visitors and do not shower them with troublesome ads. We think that it will ruin our efforts to provide a free and convenient service for you. The Instagram photo downloader is made to be user friendly and visually appealing. We are continually trying to make it the best downloader so that you can directly visit our website whenever you want to download Instagram photos. We do not include any watermark on photos, and you are free to use it for non-commercial purposes, however it is important to give credit to the original creator. By doing this you will avoid the copyright issues. So, what are you waiting for if you have something to download from Instagram? Just visit our website, paste the photo link and download your photo now!

There is no need to login to download Instagram photos

You can use our premium Instagram photo downloader without signing in to your Instagram account. Most of the downloaders ask you to login to your Instagram account to download Instagram photos, but if you use our downloader then we won’t ask you to give your login details to us. Most of the Instagram downloaders do this because they use Instagram API, but we do not use it. Therefore, you can feel safe and download your favorite photos without any hesitation. It is a simple website downloader where you put the link of the photo, and it generates a download link. There are no difficulties in the download process. You may need to wait a few seconds after pasting the link in the specified downloader box, as it will process the link to generate a download link. Once download link has appeared, you can simply click on it and proceed to download and save the photo in your phone gallery or hard disk of your computer. This is the complete process of Instagram photo downloader that you can use without logging in to your account.

Guidelines to download Instagram photos online

You can download Instagram photos to all of your devices including mobile phone (i.e., iOS and Android), pc, computer, or mac.

You need to copy the link from the photo posted on Instagram and the paste that link in the designated downloader box. Click on download now button after pasting the link in the box. Once you get the download link, click on it and save the photo in your mobile’s gallery or hard disk of your PC or laptop.

Follow this guide to download Instagram photos

First of all, open your Instagram app or go to and find the photo you want to download

  1. Open the photo and click on 3 dots to copy the photo link
  2. After copying the link, go to our website and paste the link in download box
  3. Click on download now and wait for the link to appear, it will take few seconds only
  4. Once the download link has appeared, click on it and save the photo

You can use these simple steps to download Instagram photos by pasting the link. It is the most convenient tool for you to download photos from Instagram. Start downloading now if you have got the link from your favorite Instagram photo.

Your favorite Instagram photo is ready to be downloaded in just one click

The Instagram photos are posted by both influencers and normal users to share their ideas, information, educational content, and for entertainment purpose. You can find these photos on your feed, explore section of Instagram and in the stories. You can easily download Instagram photos with one click on our website. Instagram has popularized informative, entertaining, and fun photos, and creators all around the world are using their platform to produce some quality content. Instagram has huge number of active users who are constantly viewing, commenting on photos, and sharing new photos on Instagram. But, you cannot download photos directly from Instagram because there is no option to save the photos. It is only possible with the help of our Instagram photo downloader, you just need the link to the photo, and you will be able to download it with just one simple click. There are thousands of photos for you to watch, and you can download these photos to view them offline and share with your friends by using our free Instagram photo downloader.

It takes few seconds to download Instagram photos

Instagram photos are shared by celebrities and influencers on their feeds and sometimes as stories. You can download Instagram photos within seconds, as download link is generated in about in 5-10 seconds. You only need to get the photo link and paste it into the box on our website. It will not take too long to generate a download link. All of this can be completed in one minute max. The Instagram photos can bring a smile on your face in this busy life where you can hardly get any time for entertainment. So, select your favorite content and download Instagram photos on our website by pasting the link.

The need of downloading Instagram photos

You can download Instagram photos and save them on your mobile of PC to view them later. The content creators delete some of the photos due to various reasons, but if you have downloaded those photos, then you can view them later. The online community is very active where things happen quickly. However, if you want to share the latest content with your friends on other social media apps like Whatsapp, then you can do this by using our Instagram photo downloader. Instagram is a very popular social media app among the young generation. They are already active on Instagram, and the recent pandemic has increased the number of active users on Instagram, so it means more amazing content for you. So, post photos, download them, have fun, and share happiness with others. 

Is there any legal issues if I download Instagram photos?

Downloading of Instagram photos is fine if you do not use it for commercial purpose. If you want to use it then you need to give proper credit to the original poster of the photo. But, it is even better if you ask for permission from the rightful owner to download and save the photo for personal use only.

Download Instagram Photos from feeds, explore, stories, and highlights

Instagram has some unique and super cool features like stories and highlights. The users can also post their photos on their feed. You can easily download these photos by using our free and convenient Instagram photo downloader. This online downloader can help you to download Instagram photos from user’s feed, stories and highlights. You can download multiple files, there is no download limit. You just need to copy the link from the photo and paste it in the download box, and then proceed to download the photo.

You can easily download Instagram photo from any user

You can download Instagram photos from any user, as long as the photo’s visibility is set to public and you are able to copy its link. There are two types of accounts on Instagram including private and public accounts. You have access to any content posted by the public account user, whether it is a celebrity’s account or a normal user’s account. In this case you can easily download the photos by copying the link. However, if the user has set their account’s visibility to private then you need to send follow request to them, and after acceptance you will be able to see user’s posts. Now you have access to photo link, so now you can easily download the photo by using our Instagram photo downloader.

There is no limit to downloading

Yes, you can easily download all the photos from Instagram by just pasting the link. There is no download limit, you can use our services 24/7, without any hesitation. Our Instagram photo downloader will not stop working even if you have hundreds of photos to download.

Terms and Conditions of downloading Instagram photos

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